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Hey I’m Lauren

Empath, deep thinker, happiness radiator, and a chatty and cheerful wedding photographer in Northern Ireland.

So I’ve got a little theory about wedding photography. If you wouldn’t do it on date night, you shouldn’t have to do it on your wedding day. Because whoever you love and however you show it, your love is special because it’s yours. You’ve found your person! Silly jokes only the two of you find funny, arms snuggling around familiar waists, a little look you only ever give each other. The smallest of moments that feel like home.

And that’s the love I want to capture. I want you to look at the photos and see you. Blissfully happy, hopelessly besotted you. So we won’t be spending all day working our way through a Pinterest checklist, chasing the ‘perfect photo’. I want us to get excited together, joke around, have fun, and go through the day as a little three-wheel team. I want to give you a wedding day where your experience comes first, and the photos follow after.

I’m going to give you wedding photos you’ll always love. And not because we’ve created picture-perfect frames. But because we’ve captured real moments, and the moments themselves were perfect.

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Wedding photographer - hype queen - emotional support

Weddings are non-stop emotional rollercoasters. And while part of my job is riding the rollercoaster with you, the other part is making sure you enjoy the ride and don’t fall off! So as a wedding photographer, being a bit of an empath really comes in handy!

If your mum’s about to get tearful, I’ll sit her down, have a little chat and make her a nice cup of tea (and I do make a great cup of tea!) If I see the bridesmaids are getting on your nerves, I’ll tell them to stop being eejits so you don’t end up having a row! And if I see your mind’s racing, I’ll get you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and we’ll bring you back to the moment.

But I’m not all deep breaths and endless cups of tea! I’m always down for the craic, up for any adventure and ready to join in the bants. I’ll chat away happily to anyone, make friends with everyone and will definitely be adopting your parents for the day! I think it’s ridiculous to say ‘you’ll forget I’ve got a camera’. But I really do want to be your friend. And a friend with a camera beats a stranger in the shadows any day.

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Lauren was the first vendor I booked when we organised our wedding because I just knew from her social media that her work was much more than just pretty photos, it was emotive and a real representation of the couples. Photos are such a huge part of your day and the memories are often felt and relived through them - this is why I trusted Lauren with the task! She was always there to reassure in the lead up.. and also became the biggest hype girl on the day. We never felt uncomfortable and staged, sometimes you even forgot she was there (in a good way). I feel that Lauren just understands what’s important to you and makes it her own. The best ❤️

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The first wedding I ever shot was a friend’s wedding. And I’ve put the same amount of love into every wedding since. I couldn’t bear to be just another one of the staff, checking my phone every few minutes and dreaming of hometime. I get way too emotionally invested in every wedding I shoot, and I genuinely care about every couple I work with. And I want you to feel the same way about me too. 

If you love my work and think we might be a good fit, get in touch today and let’s have a chat and get to know each other.

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I’m not here to make you look all deep and moody. I’m here to capture you as you are. Living your best life with the one you love.

So if you’re up for an adventure, let’s do it!