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        So the wonderful Kathryn from @The_Mother_Hen has come up with the most wonderful blog challenge to help us all get motivated in blogging again…and I am so chuffed that she has.

        I love blogging, but sometimes I think that I have nothing to say or I overthink blog posts to the point where I don’t know where to start. So here we go: here’s blog number one. ! 10 things about me.

        1. I have 8 tattoos, including one of those ‘temp-toos’ that were only supposed to last 10 years…14 years later and it’s still firmly in place.

        2. I have a thing about numbers. I like to figure out how things relate numerically. So you can imagine my delight when my kids were born 18/3 and 18/9. I’m more than a little gutted that Jason and I aren’t getting married on 18/6.

        3. I’m originally from Bangor, but I moved to Portrush when I was 11. We had a caravan up here and then my parents decided to make the move before I started secondary school. Despite having lived here 18 years, I will forever be a ‘blow in’.

        4. I have a horrendous sugar addiction. I have been known to drink 6 bottles of lucozade in a day when I was at my worst. At the minute I drink atleast 1 to 2 bottles every day. (I’m working on kicking this before the wedding – and before I end up diabetic).

        5. I have a degree in criminology from Queens University. It’s not as CSI as you think though. We looked at the reasons why people commit crimes, particularly in Northern Ireland. It was incredibly fascinating, especially my dissertation, which looked at the reasons behind rioting in interface areas. I loved researching it and learned more than I ever thought possible. Maybe one day I’ll go back to it.

        6. I walk on my tiptoes. Always have. It’s one of the many signs that I’m also on the Autism Spectrum.

        7. I shrunk an inch with each pregnancy. I was 5ft 4 before I had Tyler. I’m now 5 ft 2. Ask my best friend, we were once the same height. I’m now considerably smaller. Those kids really do suck the life out of you.

        8. I was a total tomboy growing up. To the point where everyone thought Ryan and I were twins because we wore matching tracksuits constantly. I lived in football trackies and went to football matches with my dad and Ryan every weekend.

        9. I’ve watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy 3 times and counting. I watch it while I’m editing. And I still cry….!

        10. I’ve had my face on the front page of the Belfast Telegraph…and it was the weirdest experience ever. I took a company to court and won when they discriminated against me for being a woman and a mother. The Equality Commission helped me with my case so in return I had to do press. The story got picked up and my face was everywhere…along with the £20K payout sum. It was pretty weird people thinking they knew what was in my bank account. Unfortunately it didn’t mention the huge legal fees I had to pay out of that or the £20K per year job I had lost leaving me without a job and on benefits. That was when my passion for equality really took to a new level.

        So there you have it. A bit of a mixed bag of info there. I’m a diverse character, there’s no two ways about it. In the words of Donkey…I’m most definitely an onion, with lots of layers.

        I’d love to hear some random facts about you. Or if you’re taking part in Kathryn’s challenge, please drop your links below. Lx


        Oh wow, lots of fascinating facts! Criminology…..oh that would be so interesting! Thanks for sharing x

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