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        Expect Nothing, Hope For Everything

        I’ll start by being honest, I stole this quote from my brother. It was his, but somehow I ended up with it tattooed on my ribs, whilst he remains tattoo free.

        When Ryan turned 18 and I was 19, our family went through a really tough time. At the same point, Ryan took ill and started collapsing, for a reason that none of us knew. He didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink, yet he would pass out multiple times a day with no warning. It was horrendous. Doctors didn’t know what was causing it, and by the time the ambulances would always arrive, his heart would be back to normal. Looking back, I don’t know how he got through it. But he did, with the help of this outlook. He didn’t expect to get better, but he hoped he would.

        Luckily, he found a doctor that was able to get to the bottom of the rare thing he has wrong with him and he’s doing much better now. It most definitely was a time that brought us closer together as a family. And when I was 20 we went to get this motto tattooed on us. But Ryan watched me getting my very painful version and decided he would just leave it – chicken that he is.

        Fast forward a couple of years, and the quote took on a whole new meaning when Tyler was diagnosed with Autism. I was told to expect nothing. I was told that Tyler wouldn’t talk, he wouldn’t go to mainstream school, he wouldn’t ride a bike. I had to let go of every expectation that came naturally as a mother, and that was the hardest thing I ever did. But I didn’t let go of hope. I hoped for everything. I hoped he would talk, I hoped he would be ok, I hoped I could help him. By letting go of those expectations and learning to appreciate everything for what it is, I have become a much better person. I take nothing for granted but I always hope for more.

        So now it’s my motto for life. I expect nothing, but I hope for everything.

        What quote do you live by? I’d love to know. Lx


        You’ve a beautiful way with words Lauren xx

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