Hey, I’m Lauren, and this is me. I’m a reader, a big thinker, a deep feeler, a Grey’s addict and a growth mindset convert. I love my kids, my husband, my dogs, and the sea.

I live in Portrush, on the Causeway Coast by the sea, setting down my roots with my wonderful husband, our two beautiful kids, and our two dogs, Teddie and Yogi. I adore where we live. I love walking by the sea, finding new places and exploring along the shore. I just love the sea. I could look at it and listen to it all day.

I love to read, too. I’m big into the growth mindset, so give me Glennon Doyle or Simon Sinek and I’m happy as a clam. And when my brain’s sick of growing, I’ll switch it off completely with a shamelessly cheesy romance novel!

I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy! And you know it’s funny, I find I get on really well with couples who love Grey’s too. I guess because you’ve got to be a really specific sort of person to sit through 19 seasons of having your heart broken!

Family for me is everything. Both my kids have autism, and their unique view of the world has helped me see the beauty in everything. They’ve taught me more than I could ever teach them. That’s why I chose to name my company after my children; Lauren - Isla - Tyler. I would’ve loved to include my husband Jason in there too, but ‘JILT’ is a terrible name for a wedding photography business!

I think a lot about life, and I feel everything to the extreme; happiness, sadness, everything. And honestly, as a person it can be a bit of a burden. But as a wedding photographer, it urges me to be better. Because I don’t just see moments. I feel the emotions as if they’re my own, I see the value they’ll hold in years to come. So for me it’s never enough to just capture what a moment looks like. I want to capture the moment the way I see it, showing the depths of meaning beneath the surface.

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LIT - Lauren - Isla - Tyler

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How I became a wedding photographer

I started with photography in 2016, a year after my daughter was born. I was suffering from postnatal depression and social anxiety, to the point I was scared to even leave the house. I was looking for something – anything– to make me feel like myself again. I bought my first ‘proper’ camera and it became my armour. I immersed myself in beauty, creativity and escapism, photographing landscapes and our children. Photography was the hand that pulled me out of my shell and back into the world.

I’d posted a few photos on Facebook, and never expected- or even wanted- anything to come from it. So when a friend asked me to photograph her wedding, I immediately said no. In fact, I was so determined not to shoot the wedding, I went round her house with a slideshow of other photographers! But eventually I gave in, and less than a year after buying my first camera, I shot my first wedding. And not long after that, I was leaving my job in politics to become a full-time wedding photographer. 

When Covid struck it gave me a whole new perspective. I got to see weddings stripped back to their essence, free of expectation, tradition or any of the elaborate dressing we’ve come to expect. And it made me realise just how important what we do is. We get welcomed into people’s families on a day they’ll be talking about for decades. We don’t just get to capture their memories, we get to be a part of them. 

I love photography, but that’s not why I love this job. I love this job for the people I get to meet and capture. I love being part of a special moment, and knowing how much joy the photo will bring my couple, and the value it will hold in years to come. 

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Life Experience

I believe in things, but most of all people. I believe that we are all born with beautiful, incredible souls full of potential. Our lives are shaped by our experiences, but we have all got the power to be the best version of ourselves. Every experience we have has a purpose, and there is always a positive to be found. For me, everything I’ve been through in my life has taught me something and given me the opportunity to help someone else. Because I have seen the worst in the world, I can appreciate the good even more. I recognise the little things and prioritise them. I think that time is a gift to cherish, we don’t get enough of it and no one ever gets it back. All we can do is make the most of what we have in every way possible. There are no perfect things, but there are perfect moments. Gratitude leads to happiness. Most of all, I believe in love. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than someone in love, whether it be with their partner, spouse, child, dog or most importantly themself!

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When you book me, you book a working mum.

A mum of two young people with additional and unique needs. Their Autism means my juggle may be a little bit different, but it's also what makes me so unbelievably in tune with everything.

It's the reason why I pick up on the slightest emotion.

Why I empathise with your parents as they watch you get ready.

Why I know how to capture you all without you even noticing.

We have them to thank for that.

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