Real moments. Real connections.

Adventure Sessions

The real you!

Some couples are super intimate and PDA comes naturally. Others are more goofy and show affection by messing around. However you are as a couple is how I capture you.

I don't do posing in the traditional sense. I'll guide you in where to be and I'll ask you to do things. It might be something silly like whispering the alphabet backwards in the goofiest voice possible. Or it might be whispering the first thing you noticed about each other back when you met. It will be entirely guided by you. But it will be real.

You might call it an engagement session, a warm up session, a couples shoot.. I call it an adventure session. Because that's what it is.

I like to take you exploring a cool location, especially on the North Coast. We'll chat and have the craic as we enjoy the stunning surroundings. I like to go off the beaten track sometimes and couples have been known to end up pretty soaked. But truthfully, we do whatever feels natural for you as a couple.

Carol Anderson

I shoot on location, so we will head out to explore wherever we choose – probably around sunset because that’s the best light.

I’ll be shooting the whole time, even when we’re walking or chatting. You don’t have to worry how to be around me, you just have to be you.

You’ll receive all of your images presented in a slideshow set to music, which really tells the story of your session. Then you will receive the entire gallery of edited images to download and share to your hearts’ content. No having to choose.

'I don't really love being in front of the camera' - said every couple ever


Sessions Start at £350

I offer a couple of different options depending on the level of adventure you wish to have. Some people are happy to explore one location, whilst others would like a more scenic tour of the Causeway Coast. Get in touch for a quote. Lx