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All Inclusive Northern Ireland Elopement Packages & Guides 2022/23

You’re thinking of eloping? You want your wedding to be about the two of you, your relationship and starting your marriage with an adventure. Well, there’s nowhere better to do that that Northern Ireland. And with all inclusive elopement packages, you can elope in Northern Ireland stress free.

The Causeway Coast is my home. I grew up being able to see Dunluce Castle from my window. I know this area like the back of my hand, which is why I specialise in elopements on the Causeway Coast. From tide times to the best people, I have the knowledge to make sure your day is as chilled as can be. I have you covered with elopement packages and help with all the small things that make the biggest difference.

Your Elopement Should Be As Unique As You

I want to make it super clear that although you may be considering booking an elopement planning package; this does not mean it’s a cookie cutter elopement. Every elopement I plan is unique to you. I get to know you on calls and know what your priorities are. And then I create the elopement of YOUR dreams. No two elopements are the same because no two couples are the same. That’s the true magic of it all.

How much does it cost to elope in Northern Ireland?

Short answer…a heck of a lot less than a huge wedding. And a lot less when you compare to US prices…even with the exchange rate. All of my couples can never believe how much cheaper things are here. And it’s not because you aren’t receiving world class service, but the cost of living here is so much less than most places. So you get all the benefits.

To elope in Northern Ireland, it can really vary, but I would typically allow between £4000 – £7500 for the ultimate elopement day of dreams. My all inclusive Northern Ireland elopement packages start at £4500.

What is Included In An All Inclusive Northern Ireland Elopement Package?

I have a number of different options when it comes to elopements; and I really like to discuss your needs before you decide what is best for you. A typical all inclusive elopement package includes:

  • hair stylist
  • makeup artist
  • florals (bouquet and buttoniere)
  • timeline planning
  • location guide
  • a celebrant to create and perform a custom celtic ceremony
  • photographer to provide images in an interactive gallery for you to share with friends and family
  • recommendations for accommodation and things to do in the area.

This package starts at £4500.

When should I elope in Ireland?

Is it always green in Ireland? Yes. All year around. Even in winter it’s green in Ireland. So don’t worry about that. Does it always rain in Ireland? Also yes. In every season. That’s why it’s always green. So that’s why you’re never guaranteed a dry elopement here. But what you can guarantee is epic skies, majestic backdrops and beauty in every direction.

That’s what makes it an ever more popular spot for tourists. So I always recommend that you elope on a weekday and avoid public holidays, especially Easter. It means you have privacy and it’s much easier to get the best accommodation. Peak summer months are also really popular.

The best time to elope in Northern Ireland is March to May and September to November. We typically plan your elopement based around sunset or sunrise for the best possible light. We have super long hours of sunlight in summer, so if you go for a Spring or Autumn wedding we can finish up in perfect time for you to get dinner and drinks. But truthfully there’s never a bad time to elope in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Elopement Packages for Photography & Costs

If you are happy to coordinate your elopement yourself, I also offer elopement photography packages. Elopement photography starts at £1500 and include recommendations for local vendors as well as timeline guidance. These differ from my all inclusive elopement packages in that you will deal with and pay each of your vendors yourself.

Why book a local elopement planner and photographer?

I completely understand how many photographers and planners love travelling and shooting. It means as a couple you can get incredible deals and it may even be cost effective at times. However, local vendors offer so many things when it comes to your elopement. Here are 5 reasons why you should book local vendors:

  • local vendors know little details that will prove invaluable. Parking spots, the best routes for traffic, tides, the best restaurants, opening hours etc.
  • local vendors know and have worked with other local vendors. They have experience of those they recommend so they can stand over their work.
  • local vendors care deeply about the area they work in. They’re passionate about protecting it and so ensure they leave no trace.
  • local vendors know the lesser known spots. The alternatives and unique spots that not everyone will know about or that you’ll find on instagram. They’ll make sure your elopement is truly unique.
  • local vendors also have back ups. Imagine the worst happens and someone gets sick, flights are cancelled or some other mishap. Local vendors have networks that they can fall back on. Something that has proved invaluable over the last few years.

Can we bring people with us for our elopement in Northern Ireland?

Absolutely!! Every elopement is different and it’s always special when a few friends or family join you for the adventure of a lifetime. The key thing about elopements is that they are completely You can read about the differences between elopements and micro weddings here.

We want to elope in Northern Ireland!

Yes yes yes!! You’ve made the best decision possible. There is nowhere like Northern Ireland for the most fairytale background for your elopement. To find out more, just fill out this contact form and let’s make your dream a reality.

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