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        When Caroline reached out to me all the way from Thailand I was absolutely honoured. She was coming home to celebrate a special birthday and wanted me to capture it. This is always an honour, but when your client’s sister is an incredibly talented photographer, it takes pride to a whole new level.

        Caroline wanted to create something special with her family, and her parents in one of her favourite locations. So during our gorgeous summer, we headed to Ballintoy in time for sunset.

        I had my own family photos taken at Ballintoy at sunset so I know how incredibly beautiful it is, but this evening really didn’t disappoint. To be honest though, we could have been anywhere in the world and the photos would have been full of so much love with this family.

        We genuinely had the most lovely time, so much so that I cried whilst I edited the photos. Just knowing that these images were going to go back to Thailand with this family, and be cherished whilst they’re so far away from their loved ones meant the world. I also absolutely adore when Grandparents get involved in sessions. How lovely for this little girl to be able to have these to hold on to as she gets older. You can see in every photo just how loved she is.

        And that’s my whole purpose in my photography, to capture love, because there is nothing more important. Lx

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