Love is love in Ballyscullion Park

Inspiration for your LGBTQ+ wedding in Northern Ireland

Updated 3 April 2022

A LGBTQ+ wedding in Northern Ireland is a wonderful event but this one is exceptionally perfect. 

Love triumphed over insanity last year when same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland was finally made legal. But with every 2020 wedding forced to run the Covid gauntlet, many LGBQT+ couples had been forced to postpone their long-awaited weddings by yet another year. So as a Northern Ireland wedding photographer, I was incredibly excited and truly blessed to be the one to capture Amy and Beth’s wedding in Ballyscullion Park

As the first ever LGBTQ+ wedding in this iconic NI wedding venue, Amy and Beth were blazing the rainbow trail. Bringing gay love to Ballyscullion Park for the frst time in history, they planned a wedding that was beautiful, fun, intimate, and most importantly, completely centred on their love for each other. 

If you’re planning a LGBTQ+ wedding in Northern Ireland, Amy and Beth’s wedding is packed with inspiration. So I’ve put together a list of tips and ideas you can take from this amazing wedding.

Finding a gay-friendly NI wedding venue

How freakin’ shit is it that’s even a heading in 2022. It makes my blood boil more than a little. Same-sex marriage has been legal here for almost two years now. But regrettably (ridiculously) many venues and vendors still fail to offer the same acceptance as they would for a hetero couple. And of course, wherever you choose to say your vows to each other, you want to make sure you’re going somewhere you can relax and be your true selves. 

With secluded woodland, beautifully kept grounds and impeccable service, the award-winning Ballyscullion Park is an idyllic wedding venue. And one that recognises that all love is beautiful, celebrating alongside you with all the acceptance, joy and excitement you could ever wish for. If you’re looking for a venue for your same-sex wedding in NI, Ballyscullion Park is perfect.

Amy and Beth chose to have their ceremony in the high-walled, flagstone courtyard. Surrounded by high hedges that form an arch behind the altar, it was the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. 

In case Ballyscullion Park isn’t for you, here’s a list of other same sex wedding venues in Northern Ireland.

Gay pride details and styling

Amy and Beth’s wedding theme was accented with the vibrant pinks, reds and purples which can also be found in the lesbian pride flag. 

The pink and white candy-striped pyjamas the girls wore for the bridal prep, the bridesmaids’ blush pink and maroon dresses and pink suede heels, the female guests’ purple and red dresses, and the pink ties and pocket squares worn by the men. 

I also really loved how the tables were named after gay icons, with hand-illustrated, vibrantly coloured artwork on each table. 

Every detail was a beautifully cohesive and joyful celebration of gay love. 

Pink pride floristry inspiration

We have to mention the exquisite floristry by Kathryn’s Flower Barn. If you’re looking for wedding flower inspiration with all the pink pride, this is as close to perfect as you could possibly get.

Beth and Amy’s bouquets were a vibrant combination of pink and red roses, crimson dahlias and eucalyptus. Not to mention Amy’s beautiful headband, which was also by Kathryn. The breathtaking floral arrangement on the altar with delicate white hydrangea and a stunning pink and white lily at its centre was created by Amy’s aunt who couldn’t be there in person; but this gave a beautiful touch from her.

I also really loved the flowers entwined with the ropes of the swing and the phenomenal arch and table centres by Blooming Backdrops NI. Because purely from a photographer’s perspective, they all made for some beautiful shots!

A tale of two brides

With a hetero wedding, so much of the day is focused around the bride. So when you have two brides, you have the chance to do things a little differently. 

Beth and Amy chose to have a ‘first look’ with each other before the ceremony. Without the traditional concerns about bad luck, they could share that once-in-a-lifetime experience with just the two of them. It was such an intimate, joyful, emotional moment. And I’m so glad I was the one to capture it. 

Every bride’s ‘big moment’ is her walk down the aisle. And with Amy and Beth both looking absolutely beautiful, I’m so glad they chose to have separate bridal entrances. Blessed by rare October sunshine filling the intimate courtyard, they both got to enjoy the walk down the aisle that every bride deserves.

Choosing the right photographer

At their core, all weddings are the same. Celebrations of love, and the joining of two families coming together. And a couple’s promise to spend the rest of their lives doing everything they can to make each other happy. 

And so when choosing your wedding photographer, you want someone who’ll be as over-the-moon-excited about your wedding as you are.

When I looked at Amy and Beth, I saw two people who were head-over-heels besotted with each other. Who couldn’t imagine spending their lives with anyone else. And as a wedding photographer, this is definitely my favourite thing about my job. That this will be one of the most amazing, romantic, whirl-wind days of your lives, and the start of your future together. And I get to be the one to capture it for you.

So whatever form your love for each other may come in, I would love to be the one to capture your wedding day. If you love my work and would like for me to be your wedding photographer, please get in touch today to check my availability. 

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