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        Updated 31 March 2021

        So you’re planning your wedding and you’ve seen all these amazing photos on Instagram. You want your photos to be just as incredible, if not better. Of course you do, and so you should! These are your lasting memory of your day. You’ll spend a lot of time and money on your wedding, and your photos will be the key to those memories for decades to come.

        So how do you get the best wedding photos? Is it just a matter of finding the best photographer? Spending as much money as possible? Here are my top 5 tips for getting the best wedding photos possible.

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        Pick the best photographer FOR YOU

        So there are a lot of photographers out there to choose from. Instagram has opened up a huge market and it can be pretty confusing. Even in Northern Ireland the market is saturated. There are so many different styles, abilities, experience. How do you know what’s the best? In my honest opinion I don’t think it comes down to style, experience or ability, it comes down to who is the best match for you. Please please don’t get me wrong, I think you should be able to look at their work and feel confident in their technical ability. There are a list of questions you should ask, including whether they’re insured, have back up gear, a back up plan if they’re sick, but all reputable photographers will be able to answer those questions with ease. In fact, most will answer these questions on their websites to save any hassle. After that, it comes down to finding someone who you will feel comfortable sharing the biggest day of your life with. Who will be able to make you laugh and feel relaxed enough to be yourself around. Would you invite them to your wedding? Will they add to your day and your experience? If you find a photographer who you feel comfortable with, you will look at your photos much more fondly. Similarly if it’s awkward, tense or unpleasant, those negative emotions will be associated with your photographs and devalue them completely for you.

        2. Trust Your Photographer

        This kind of goes hand in hand with number 1 because if you find the right match for you, you won't even consider handing them a list of poses you want. You'll trust their ability implicitly and know that they will capture your day.

        Photographers are creative and to get those epic shots you lust for takes our minds to be in the right place. If we're busy second guessing ourselves or trying to follow instructions then we can't create to the best of our ability. Trust that we are giving you everything we have. Trust that if we ask you to nip out for 10 minutes it's because the light is so epic and you're going to get a killer shot. Trust that if we ask Uncle Tim to put his camera away it's because he's in every shot and we're pretty certain you don't want him on the cover of your album. 

        This trust can't be limited to just you though. It also goes to your nearest and dearest. And it's worth having a conversation with them about how much you trust your photographer so that they let us do our job as well. There's nothing worse than having to explain every move you make to a Mother of the Bride who is wanting something really different than what her daughter has asked for.

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        3. Plan Ahead

        So the day of your wedding will be hectic, and will go faster than you ever thought possible. There’s no way it will be anything else. TRUST ME. You will be so busy chatting to people, caught up in the flow of things and hopefully enjoying your day to the absolute max, that you won’t remember to tell me that you’re wearing your Granny’s veil and you want a photo with your Auntie Margaret from Australia. So make sure to tell your photographer EVERYTHING you’re planning. Whether it’s in emails or your pre-wedding checklist. Nothing is too insignificant. The more they know, the more detailed and sentimental your gallery will be.

        As well as letting them know the things you want them to capture, also make sure to let them know the things you don’t. If you have any awkward family situations (we all do) or things you want avoided, tell them in advance. Saves them, and you feeling awkward.

        When it comes to the morning, make sure you have all those little details sitting out before your photographer gets there so that no one is stressing looking for them. Have the hangers on the dresses and the dress out of the bag. And allow enough time for photos IN your dress without a fluster.

        4. Forget Pinterest and DELETE FACETUNE

        As soon as you get engaged, if you use Facetune or any other app where you manipulate what you look like, DELETE IT. Stop using instagram/snapchat filters. And instead of selfies taken from above, start asking others to take photos of you on a night out. Learn to love what you REALLY look like. Because if you don't, you will be disappointed with your photos UNLESS you're paying for one of those photographers who photoshops every single image. (They're few and far between these days and cost a fortune btw).

        I love Pinterest as much as the next person, but if you go into your wedding with an idea of what your photos will look like, I guarantee you will be disappointed. No two weddings are the same, no two couples are the same, so no two albums should ever be the same. 

        If you spend your day trying to recreate a look or a photo you've seen somewhere else, you'll waste it. The best photos are the authentic ones that reflect who YOU are as a couple and YOUR day. So let go of the preconceived ideas of your day in general. Embrace whatever comes your way, whether it's rain, wind or snow...your photos are the story of your day and if they include that then that's perfect.

        5. Embrace Your Photos

        Ok so this is much easier said than done for most of us, but if you follow steps 1-4 it will be much easier. 

        This is your wedding day. This is the love of your life. Enjoy the moment. Focus on each other, not the camera. If you're fully enjoying yourself and happy it will shine through in every image. Who cares if you have a double chin if your eyes are gleaming with laughter? Who cares if your tummy isn't super flat if you've just enjoyed the wonderful meal you've paid a fortune for? Who cares if you're ugly crying because you've just married the love of your life?

        Happiness can't be posed. Love can't be created. And those two things are what will give you the best wedding photos you could ever wish for. Lx


        Brilliant post Lauren! Something I could have done with a read of before our wedding way back!

        Thanks so much Kirstie. I’m sure your wedding was absolutely beautiful like you. xx

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