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        So I know I’m super organised, I’ve been told that so much over the last few weeks, but I really can’t stress how much I have to be with my schedule this year. Already I’m seeing that I don’t have enough weekends left this year to be able to plan this wedding with anyone, including Jason. I also want to enjoy planning with my friends, which is why choosing my bridesmaids and asking them ASAP was so important to me. We all know how hard it is to correlate schedules, so I didn’t want to waste any time.

        Choosing my bridesmaids

        I’m that person who has friends in several different circles. I have my photography friends, Assembly friends, Instagram friends, and my school friends. All of them I love, but you’ve got to narrow it down. For me, I closed my eyes and imagined my day, especially the morning and the three friends I couldn’t imagine it without. They’re my oldest friends, who I don’t see as often as I’d like, but they’re the ones who I called when I found out I was pregnant with Tyler. They’re the friends who came to see me in the hospital first. They’re the friends who have been there long before even Jason was. And the 3 of them will bring such different qualities to make the day amazing.

        I’m not a bride that expects my bridesmaids to help me organise or do anything, simply because I’m a bit of a control freak and I like to just stuff done. Heck, knowing what a control freak I am, I’ll probably organise my own hen (only kidding, kinda). But my bridesmaids know that I want them to be with me and have the best day possible and that’s all that matters.

        The Proposal

        So my bridesmaids live in all different places. One lives close, one lives in Belfast, one lives in London – meaning that I couldn’t make it entirely personal by hand delivering. So I wanted to make it as personal as possible with what went into it.

        northern ireland wedding blog
        10 Reasons I Would Love You To Be My Bridesmaid

        I found this incredible sweet box of reasons I’d love you to be my bridesmaid. Personalised with the reasons for each bridesmaid, the 10 little wooden hearts come in a little wooden box. I was able to customise each one for my bridesmaids. There was squealing in London, crying in Belfast and the biggest hug in Portstewart.

        The rest was all fairly typical, but with personal touches. I wrote them cards, put in their little hen do planning books and the bridesmaid confetti (which didn’t quite make it to London because I forgot). I also sent them some little polaroids asking them as well – all with a rose gold theme, not because of the wedding, but because it’s my branding/favourite colourscheme right now.

        Everything I ordered was from Not On The High Street which was amazing, and with incredibly quick delivery times. It’s all linked below.

        Bridesmaid card and hen party planning book
        10 Reasons Why I’d Love You To Be My Bridesmaid
        Bridesmaid Confetti
        Bridesmaid confetti

        She said yes..!

        And they all said yes!! So now the planning begins and I’m so excited to share it with them. #TEAMBLONDE


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