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        Updated 9 June 2020

        Hiya, I hope you are keeping well amongst all this craziness we’re experiencing. If Lockdown has taught me anything it is that photography has never been more powerful. As we are all forced online in order to remain connected, imagery on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, has never been more important.

        More than that though, I feel like this time has caused a lot of us to look at our own personal and business growth, and find ways to pursue it. I know have, and one thing I really want to do more of is help others. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained, and continue to gain. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others fulfil their potential and push outside their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

        So if you’d like to sign up to my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge, my inspiration and sometimes just random thoughts from my head, click the button below. I won’t be filling your inbox full of nonsense, but maybe I can help you with what I know. Lx


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