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        I’m a reflective person, so as I’ve approached the milestone of this first year full time in the business, I have been conscious to note what I have achieved. And I’ve definitely surprised myself. Now I would really love to start sharing what has worked for me.

        Obviously I blog and will continue to do so, but I’d really like to create a space for fellow photographers where I can share how I’ve managed to go from having a handful of bookings, to over 50; doubled my price; booked my dream venues; and been featured in some of the biggest blogs in the world.

        Don’t get me wrong, there’s no trick to it, I don’t have any secret formula. But what I do have is some guidance and a fresh perspective of how the industry in Northern Ireland is working now. I’m not a destination wedding photographer, I’m not a high end photographer, I’m not a boho photographer. I’m a love photographer, I capture love. It’s why I do what I do, and I believe it’s the key to my success.

        So if you’d like to sign up, click the button below. I won’t be filling your inbox full of nonsense, but maybe I can help you with what I know. Lx


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