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        So I’m a bride myself, in the middle of this crazy weird world of panic and worry. We all have no clue what’s going on and we’re trying to plan the biggest day of our lives. We’re understandably worried and have no idea what impact this is going to have on our weddings. On top of that, I have lots of other people’s weddings to worry about, so I’m right there with you on the anxiety front.

        As I’ve mentioned on my instagram, I deal with anxiety and stressful situations by researching. And I want to share with you what I’ve found so that you can put this whole situation into perspective and make the right decision for you and your wedding.

        Let me start by saying that currently there is no reason why your wedding can’t go ahead, especially if you’re getting married from May onwards. There is no ban on weddings in Northern Ireland, Ireland or the UK. The chances of a complete ban are small, but there is still a chance. If that happens some things may change slightly, but the fact you want to marry the love of your life won’t so you will still be getting married. In the mean time though here are the answers to some of the questions I’ve had myself.

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        Will My Wedding Suppliers Turn Up?

        I can’t speak for everyone, but as a photographer, I can assure you I will be there unless I get sick myself – like any other wedding. In the event I was to get sick I have backups in place, like I do at any other time because there are other bugs in the world. That’s a pretty standard policy for anyone working in the wedding industry.

        Over the course of this pandemic I will be taking extra precautions at weddings. And truthfully I haven’t ruled out wearing a mask as yet. I have a vulnerable son at home so I want to minimise all risks. I will be asking all my clients to ensure they notify their guests that they would prefer them to stay home if they are showing any symptoms at all, in line with guidelines. But apart from that it’s full steam ahead from my end, and I imagine 90% of suppliers are the same.

        Touch base with them though if you want to make sure.

        If one of them doesn’t turn up and you have wedding insurance, it should cover you in this instance, but check your policy to be sure.

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        What Are My Options?

        As this situation progresses and restrictions are put in place by governments, you have a few options. Which one you choose will depend on you as a couple, your priorities and your suppliers.

        Firstly, you can reduce your numbers. At the minute the advice in the Republic of Ireland is to keep gatherings to less than 100. It’s fairly likely this will soon apply to the rest of the UK. But it can not last forever, or even long term. If you are getting married in the next couple of months and you have more than that on your guest list, you should probably start thinking about ways to reduce the numbers. You will probably find they will reduce naturally themselves with those that are travelling or vulnerable preferring to stay at home.

        Intimate weddings are amazing, and so special. And again, you’re marrying the love of your life, which is the most important thing.

        If the vulnerable people who can’t make it are key people like your parents or siblings though this may not be an option for you. You should also speak to your church and venue to ensure that they are happy to go ahead with these reduced numbers.

        Secondly, you can reschedule. Under normal circumstances this may be pretty tricky. And it’s still not the preferred option for most of us. But if you have special guests that you think will have to miss your wedding and you’d rather reschedule, that is totally understandable. I know you have spent ages organising to get you to this point, and it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, but MOST suppliers are being really flexible with regards to rescheduling right now. Myself included.

        For my clients, I am happy to reschedule to any date I’m available until July 2021 with no increase in prices or fees. I will carry over your booking fee. I will work with you to find a date that I’m available, and if I’m not available I will find an associate photographer that you can approve who will photograph your wedding and I’ll edit it. Basically, you will have your photographer, not a worry!

        Of course you must then get in contact with all of your other vendors to check what policies they are applying. The most important one is your venue. Please remember we are all small, one person businesses who are trying to get through this situation as you are. We want to work with you and support you, whilst also keeping a roof over our heads.

        Before you make any big decision it is totally ok to drop everyone an email and check their policies. For my clients, I do not expect anyone to make a decision until they need to. Whether that is this week or the week before their wedding. Find out all the information possible, think about how you’re feeling and do what is right for you both.

        There is nothing stopping you getting married right now. People got married in the middle of wars, through famines and all sorts through history. You can get married, but it’s a matter of how you want to get married. That is a completely personal choice and one that no one has a right to judge you on.

        No matter what you choose, especially if you are one of my clients, I’m here for you and we’ll get through this together. The run up to a wedding is a stressful time at the best of times, and this obviously takes that to a whole new level. Please make sure to take care of your mental health by doing things like:

        • Move your body. Whether that is exercise or going for a walk.
        • Drink lots of water and eat as well as you can.
        • Turn off notifications on your phone, especially from News Apps.
        • Have a conversation with a family or friend about the last book you read/meal you had or podcast you listened to. Keep it light.
        • Think about what your future self will say about this time. Because you will get through this, it will be part of your story and you get to write how you will remember it.
        • Write down 3 things that you are grateful for in your life today or 3 things that made you smile. Focus on the good.
        • Give your partner a cuddle (but no one else 😉 )

        Sending each of you so much love and good thoughts for these coming weeks. And remember, you will marry the love of your life. Lx


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