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        Natural Light Editorial Photography

        LIT photography NI specialises in natural light imagery that tells a story for a brand or publication.

        In a visual world, the importance of high quality imagery has never been greater. In order to stand out, images must send a message. With every image I create, I aim to make a difference and portray the ethos of my clients in a way that captivates and starts conversations.

        I love to collaborate and see a vision come to life.

        northern ireland editorial photographer

        Less perfection; more authenticity


        No matter what I’m shooting, I aim to be creative and real. I want to think outside the box, whilst remaining true to life. 

        I believe that models, particularly women, should be shown as they are and authenticity in imagery is a value that I am truly passionate about. 

        No matter who or what I am shooting for, I will always retain my core values, which means that I will NEVER alter a model’s shape or size using Photoshop. 


        northern ireland editorial photographer