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        What To Expect

        I totally get the fear that comes when booking a family session. I’ve been there. As a mum to a child with special needs, I get the worries. What if he doesn’t smile? What if they don’t do what they’re told? What if they won’t sit still? 

        Here’s the thing? I don’t want them to! I want you to all be yourselves. There’s no such thing as a perfect family. We all have our imperfections, and that’s what makes every family wonderful. 

        I capture families in an authentic way. That’s why I work on location so it becomes a day out. Whether it be the beach, a forest, your family farm. Somewhere that means something and where you can all just have fun. 

        I won’t ask you to pose. I will suggest games or fun things to do, but every session is child lead and stress free. Tear stained faces is not what anyone wants to remember. A session with me should end with the kids happy and even happier parents when they see their photos.