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        A Free Wedding Photography Package For Key Workers

        Updated 16 April 2020

        As the Covid-19 crisis progresses, one thing has never been so clear, the people that are essential in this world are not the billionaire CEOs or the celebrities. The gratitude and admiration I have for the key workers keeping us all going is incredible. And whilst I can’t run a marathon or even 5k for you all, because quite frankly I’m damn unfit and that would just put more strain on the NHS, I want to do something to give back. I can’t do much but I hope I can bring someone a little joy.

        So I want to give away a wedding photography package. I had planned to do this anyway when I hit 10k followers on instagram, but that seems like a really bloody stupid reason to give away a full wedding photography package right now. I wish I could shoot every single one of your weddings for free, but unfortunately I can’t without starving my family. So I have to do it this way. I want to make it really clear, this is not a ‘competition’ or a way of gaining followers or business. I have more than enough work. This is really the only way I know to give back right now.

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        What You Get

        Basically one of you will get a full day wedding photography package from me. So if you don’t like my style of work, or you don’t think I’d be a good fit for your day, it’s probably not the best reward. You can read more about me and what I offer to help you decide if it’s even worth applying. The package you will receive is called Your Day Covered.

        It includes:

        • coverage by me from preparation until dancing is well underway
        • your images presented to you in a slideshow
        • all of the individually edited images delivered to you in an interactive gallery for you to share with your friends and family
        • unlimited downloads of all your images for personal use ( no watermarks or having to choose between photos).
        • travel within Northern Ireland

        What’s The Catch

        There is none, but there are some Ts & Cs obviously.

        • Your wedding must take place in 2021.
        • You must have a date and venue booked.
        • I must be available on your date at the time of being chosen. If I am not available on your date then unfortunately you can’t avail of the package.
        • Current clients can apply and their booking fee will be refunded if they are chosen.
        • You must NOT have another wedding photographer booked already.
        • Travel is included within Northern Ireland. You can enter if getting married outside of Northern Ireland, but travel costs will be applied.
        • The reward can not be transferred to another person or date.
        • This reward has no monetary value.
        • All normal booking terms and conditions will be applicable to the chosen couple and a contract will be provided for the services to be received.
        • Key Workers are defined under the government’s list of key workers and are not only NHS staff.
        • Only one member of the couple needs to be a key worker.
        • I reserve the right to check key worker status of the person chosen.
        • I reserve the right to withdraw the package if any information provided is found to be false, especially if it is found that another photographer was already booked.
        • Any additional services can be added including a second photographer, and will be charged at normal rates.
        • The applications will close at 5pm on 31st May 2020 and the couple will be chosen and announced on 1st June 2020.
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        How To Apply

        This isn’t about me growing my instagram or anything like that, so there is no need to like, share or tag anything. However, it MUST BE THE COUPLE that applies for this. You CAN NOT NOMINATE a couple. So feel free to send this link or tag them in one of the status’, but DO NOT FILL IN THE FORM UNLESS YOU ARE THE KEY WORKER COUPLE.

        If you are, then simply submit the form below to apply. I’ll be back in touch with more details about what you could be winning.

        I hope this helps bring a little joy to someone and in the mean time I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing right now!! Lx

        Get in touch

        Your relationship with your photographer should be special and one of open communication and ideas. Tell me all about your wedding hopes & dreams.

        By submitting this form you understand the rules of this giveaway including that your wedding must take place in 2021. You must be a Key Worker during the Covid-19 crises as defined by the Government. LIT photography NI reserves the right to check these facts. This competition will close at midnight on 31st May 2020.


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