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        It would be impossible for me to write this blog as this wedding was just such a dream for me. I knew Lauren from school. We were one of 5 Lauren’s in our year. But I haven’t seen her since we left school 10 years ago. So I was delighted when I got the email asking me if I was available to capture her wedding. I knew she’d moved to Abu Dhabi but had no idea she’d made such an incredible life for herself there.

        What struck me about their day, that I hope you can see from these images, is the bond between Lauren and Ed. It is truly magical. Their connection was so clear. No matter where they were in a room, they always gravitated back to each other. They made my job unbelievably easy.

        But if you’re a bride, or planning your wedding, especially from abroad, this is a wedding full of inspo. So here is some insight into how Lauren and Eddie planned their Irish Castle wedding full of love, dancing, and lots of Guinness.

        engagement ring roses
        bride getting ready

        How was wedding planning?

        I didn’t find the planning overly stressful.  The main difficulty for me was that I was doing it from Abu Dhabi so sometimes frustrating when I couldn’t just get things done on the spot, and had to get my Mum to do a lot.  It doesn’t have to be stressful, try to enjoy all the planning, as you only get to do it once!

        Dress – Lover the Label, Australia.

        Shoes – Charles and Keith

        Bridesmaids – Inside Out Boutique, Limavady

        Hair – Wow Salon, Coleraine

        Make-up – Sarah Blair, Awaken Wellness

        How did you find your wedding photo experience?

        Honestly, it was so easy.  We spent about 20 minutes taking family shots, I have a big family so it was tricky getting everyone rounded up!  Then after the family shots Eddie and I went down to the lake, for our portraits.  It was so nice to be alone, before all the mingling and chatting started.  Lauren only had us away for about an hour in total, with the family shots included, which was amazing, as we could join the drinks reception with our guests.  Our videographers worked so well with Lauren, and it was just so relaxed.  We weren’t great at posing, so I was thinking the pictures wouldn’t be as good as the ones Lauren posts on her instagram page of other couples – but when she sent us the pictures, I couldn’t believe how amazing they were!!!  Blew me away!  I am over the moon with all our pictures, and love that we have these memories captured in such a creative way.  I will cherish these photos forever!

        Suits – Burn’s Outfitters, Coleraine

        Flowers – Sonya Smyth

        What was your wedding highlight?

        My favourite part of the day was the ceremony.  It felt so amazing, walking up the isle with my Dad and seeing Eddie waiting for me at the top.  A feeling you just cannot describe.  Standing up in front of all my family and friends, declaring my love for Eddie, making vows to him and promising to stand by his side for forever was just the most incredible moment of my life.  I felt so grateful and lucky the whole day, I was surrounded by so much love.

        Cake – various family members and friends made me 8 cakes that made up my cake table of dreams!

        Music – BRÍ Irish (traditional irish band) and Noel McKeary Band

        Stationery – Amazon for place cards and table numbers

        Top tip for brides:

        Enjoy every minute of your day.Don’t get stressed over the little things – no one notices them anyway. Delegate jobs to random friends, even if they are not in the wedding party.  They are more reliable than the wedding party, and they feel touched to be asked to help. Have someone keeping an eye on your make up and hair, just so you still looked good for the whole day! Book an amazing photographer and videographer – cannot recommend LIT photography and Forever Social enough.  You have a bit of a come down after your wedding, as you’ve been planning it for so long and the all of a sudden it’s over.  So having photos and video allows you to re-live it all, and you have them for the rest of your life!

        So there you have it, the most epic wedding at the stunning Lissanoure Castle. You can see why this is one of my favourite venues. It has it all and is perfect. Even in the rain.

        This wedding highlights all that a wedding should be about. You’ll notice that I haven’t focused on all the little details, though there were plenty. Instead it’s all about the emotion and embracing every moment….even the rain. Most people might freak out at rain on their wedding day, but instead these guys chose to dance in it! And what memories they have to hold on to as a result.

        If you’re the type of couple that would dance in the rain, get in touch! Lx


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