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        Since the moment I booked Nat and Eddie’s wedding, I’ve loved getting to know them both. Nat and I instantly hit it off and I don’t think there’s been a week where we haven’t chatted on Instagram. We’ve bonded over motherhood, life and just a really common approach to things. She’s been a great support and I think you could safely call me a huge fan of hers.


        After their warm up session I fell in love with Nat, Eddie and Skyler – their bond was just so beautiful to see. So by the time it came to their wedding in October, I felt like I was heading to my friend’s wedding, I was that excited.


        I met Nat, her sister in law Ellie and Nat’s daughter Skyler at Jury’s Inn in Belfast where they were pampered by Rebecca Bryson and Hannah Lowry before heading to Lisburn Cathedral for their beautiful ceremony. After some tea and doughnuts in the hall, family and bridal photos in Castle Gardens, we headed to the Island Arts Centre for the reception. Every detail was fantastic, and so perfectly thought out by Nat, who had made a lot of the finer details herself. It was wonderful in every way and the Arts centre was a fab venue, with amazing staff.

        I absolutely loved how child friendly this wedding was and the kids made the dance floor come to life from the very first song. I honestly had such a smile on my face all night, and didn’t want to leave, even when my beautiful bride insisted I go home and get some sleep after a long day.

        I really can’t thank Nat, Ed and Skyler enough for including me in their wonderful day. It was perfect, just like them.

        If you’d like me to be a part of your day, please get in touch via the form here. Lx




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