An Intimate Creative Wedding On The North Coast Of Northern Ireland

Updated on 29 June 2020

Hannah and Owen’s North Coast wedding was one of the best I’ve ever photographed. From the moment I met them at their warm up session I knew their wedding was going to be special. Of course, the fact they’re fellow Portrush locals and had the ultimate Portrush wedding may have made it even more special.

In all seriousness though, what I loved most about their day was their focus on what was important to them. From locations that held special memories to the moments that mattered the most; this wedding was all about love and family.

Getting Ready At Home in Portrush

Hannah got ready at her family home in Portrush, just a stone’s throw from her reception venue, The Royal Court Hotel overlooking White Rocks beach on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. It was a super chilled out morning, with the focus on savouring all the little moments with her family. Hannah was great at having her morning planned to mean there was no rushing and there was plenty of time to get those special photos together before she said her vows.

Portrush Town Hall Ceremony

Hannah and Owen had a super sweet first look outside Portrush Town Hall. Some advantages of first looks are:

  • It helps ease the nerves for both of you before the ceremony.
  • It allows you to have that first look in private, without lots of eyes on you. (This doesn’t fully apply to this one as there were quite a few people waiting around for a nosey this day).
  • It’s a special moment to have captured and gives an opportunity for some extra shots.
  • It brings the whole moment back to just the two of you, no one else.

I think Owen’s face says it all!!

After their first look they headed up to Portrush Town Hall‘s main hall. The stunning room is perfect for wedding ceremonies as the light and sound are just beautiful. It’s so atmospheric and special. I love it that much, I’m getting married there myself.

As with every ceremony, this one had so many special moments. My favourite part is always watching the reactions of guests, especially parents. From the little hand squeeze to the subtle tear wipe, those are the moments that are cherished for a life time.

The Advantages of A Midweek Wedding

These guys had a midweek summer wedding, choosing to get married on a Wednesday in June. And it was amazing for these 5 reasons:

  1. Guaranteed parking in Portrush. If this has been a weekend, parking spaces would have been non existent.
  2. More choice over wedding suppliers. We all have much more midweek availability, even during the busy summer months. This means they were able to get all their ideal vendors.
  3. Reduced packages. This isn’t quite so relevant for photography. But venues normally have minimum numbers of guests at weekends, whereas weekday dates they’re more flexible. Meaning you can have a small intimate wedding at your dream venue for less.
  4. All the hot spots were much more quiet. If this had been a sunny weekend in June, we never would have got near Barry’s, let alone on the Cyclone. And the beach would have been hiving.
  5. The people that really wanted to be there were there.

Fun Wedding Photos In Portrush

The perks of being a Portrush photographer is that I know the best spots, and there are so many in Portrush. I also know the light inside and out. Even on sunny days like this one, which can be much more difficult to photograph. But to be truthful, this day I didn’t need to know any of that because BARRY’S WAS OPEN!! So where else would we go?

It was freakin’ brilliant! I literally went and got a bag of change and we played the machines, went for a spin on the cyclone and a whirl on the hobby horses. Is there anything more Portmagical than that? I think not!!

A North Coast Beach Wedding

White Rocks is another popular favourite of mine. For quite a few reasons. Firstly, the rocks! Secondly, the caves. Thirdly, the views of Dunluce Castle and the Giant’s Causeway. I don’t think there is another beach quite so magical, and we had it nearly all to ourselves. Perfect for Hannah and Owen to kick off the shoes and have some fun for their portraits.

An Intimate Wedding in Northern Ireland

These guys kept the numbers under 100 for their wedding and were a true example of how less guests does not equal less special . They had emotional speeches, a gorgeous cake and their reception was amazing. They got their family and friends involved in so many aspects of the day. From the stunning flowers arranged by Hannah’s aunt to their family friend performing at both their ceremony and the reception. It felt like such a family celebration. And the couple could spend time with everyone they love.

North Coast Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning your wedding on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, please get in touch; especially if you’re planning a day like this one – full of all the love and all about the people and things you love most.

I truly adored every second of photographing this wedding, and felt like one of the family. It’s a wedding that has definitely inspired my wedding plans, I hope you get some similar inspiration too. Lx

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