My pricing is based on the value I believe should be placed on the photographs of your wedding. It’s based on how much that photo of your Granny will mean to you in 5 or 10 years time. How much that photo of you and your Dad will mean to you when you’ve aged. How much that look on his face when he sees you at the top of the aisle will mean to you forever and always. These are all you’ll have left when this day is over, I price based on that!

I also price based on the experience I offer. The knowledge I bring not only to your photographs, but to your day. My ability to give you real smiles in your photos rather than the fake. My presence which will not only help make your day run smoothly, but also add to it. Your day matters to me, I price based on that!

I understand that every wedding is unique, but the service I offer is based around the moments I capture rather than the number of guests you have or how big your wedding is. My Key Moments package covers the main moments that make up your day, and extended coverage can be added. I have specialist elopement packages if you’re planning to get married with just the two of you.

Bookings are only secured on receipt of a booking form and booking fee.

If you think we’re a good fit and you want to know more about what I offer contact me to arrange a chat about your plans. My main priority is making sure you get the best photographer for the biggest day of your life and I’m super grateful you’re even here considering me right now. Lx

Wedding & Engagement Packages

I try to keep my packages as simple as possible. The work that goes in before and after your day; as well as what you receive remains consistent no matter what package you book.

You’re not booking a product; you’re booking a person. A perspective, and my packages reflect that. I don’t price per hour because I don’t think your day should be rushed; and what I deliver is about the moments, not the minutes. I have one key package, which allows me to cover all the key moments of your day, with the option to add on any extras right up until 4 weeks before your wedding.

Key Moments Covered

– Preparation to Dinner Begins

– Consultations

– Unlimited downloads of your images for you and your guests


Warm Up Session

I urge every couple to have a warm up session. It makes you so much more relaxed when you’ve seen an image captured by me before your wedding. It will also give you a much better idea of how I work and will really make a difference when it comes to your wedding portraits.

It’s also just really fun to go on an adventure.

COSTS: £350

Second Photographer

A second photographer gives a great extra perspective and allows guaranteed coverage at two prep venues in the morning.

The second photographer will then stay on to cover your ceremony and guests while we do portraits.

COST: £400