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        Capture Love: The Basics Of Photography


        A 3 week online interactive course to help you improve your photography skills.

        All recordings available and access to the Facebook group to ask questions.



        Have you got a ‘good’ camera at home that you don’t have a clue what to do with? Maybe you can’t get your camera past Auto mode. Would you love to take better photos of your kids? Maybe you need to produce better images for your business? Whatever the reason, this 3 week course will help you grasp the basics of photography to help you capture the things you love.

        At the end of this course you will have:

        • a good understanding of the basics of photography and what your camera does.
        • the confidence to take your camera off Auto mode.
        • the knowledge to take your photos to the next level with editing.
        • the ability to capture the things you love in a much better way.

        What it entails:

        • 3 x 1 hour zoom workshop recordings
        • Access to notes and recordings to refer back to.
        • Membership of an exclusive Facebook group where you can share questions, ideas and inspiration with others.



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