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        Warm up/ engagement/ adventure sessions are probably my most favourite to shoot, but they’re probably the most intimidating for most couples. It’s just us 3 and my cameras and most times you’ve never met me before. But luckily (or unluckily depending what way you want to look at it) for these two, they already knew me before our warm up shoot. In fact, they’ve seen me at my drunkest ever, so they already knew I was an eejit.

        Still, they did have to embrace some serious wind and a lot of Chinese tourists with cameras on tripods during their engagement session at the Giant’s Causeway this spring. Rebecca was certain I wasn’t going to have got a single shot with her face because her poor hair was blowing all over the place. In truth though, this shoot was unbelievably easy because these two are just the most beaut couple and not just on the outside (how much does Rebecca not look like Kate Middleton?!).

        They are just the definition of relationship goals, with their relaxed manner and just the best craic. I love when a couple can just relax around each other and me. And I always say, if you can relax on your engagement session, then the wedding photos will be the best fun ever. You can imagine how unbelievably excited I am for their wedding later this year.! Lx

        If you’d like to know more about adventure sessions or wedding photography, please get in touch. Lx


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