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        The Little Moments

        Instagram is full of the big moments. The portraits. The epic landscapes. The beautiful light. The ‘perfect’ shot. The images that are likely to get the most likes or comments. The scroll stoppers. Those images are great. They allow us to unleash our creative side. To go big! But as time passes, as life happens, it’s not these images you’ll go back to. The images you’ll go back to are the little moments between the people you love the most. Moments you may have missed, moments you may not even have been aware of, but moments that represent someone’s personality or a relationship – moments that tell a story.

        These are the moments you’ll want captured for you to relive for years to come. I’ve put together a few of my favourite documentary images from last year and if you’d like to see more or know more about my approach to the little moments, get in touch here.