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        Invite Me To Your Wedding

        Hiya! You're on this page, which means you're planning a wedding. Congratulations!

        Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision. With the incredible world that is instagram, how on earth do you narrow it down, right?!

        For me, the key is finding the right fit. When you book me, you're inviting me to your wedding. So I would recommend you start with reading a bit about me.

        How I work

        All I care about is giving you images that reflect you and the day you're putting your all into. I do that by giving you the best experience possible and making sure you enjoy every second. No faffing, no taking you away for hours on end, no stiff pointless posing. Just honest, emotive, real images that will never date.

        Teamwork makes the dream work

        You make memories, I capture them

        I guarantee your wedding day will go quicker than you can imagine. You will wake up the next morning wishing you could do it all over again. That’s when you will be glad that you’ve invested in a photographer who you’ve been able to trust implicitly. While you’re enjoying every second, I’ll be capturing little interactions you’ll be too busy to notice.

        ‘I’m not really bothered about photos’

        If that’s true, I’ll be honest you’re probably in the wrong place. My couples value the years of enjoyment that their photos will bring them and they emotionally invest in creating some magic together. 

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        Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision, so I’m sure you have lots of questions. In my opinion there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so please don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything. But here are a few of the most common questions to help you out in the meantime.

        Where do you cover?

        I’m based in Portrush on the epic Causeway Coast, which I absolutely love. It’s the perfect place for elopements and there are so many great venues. But I am totally up for travelling absolutely anywhere at all.

        Do you charge for travel?

        I don’t charge for travel within Northern Ireland. For Travel within Ireland and the rest of the UK, my travel charge starts at £300 to allow for accommodation for 2 nights. For travel outside of the UK, get in touch for a custom quote.

        What’s your style?

        I think my style is honest, emotive and relatable. I believe in getting the little moments that make your day unique and I try to blend in as much as possible. I don’t think I do ‘poses’ but I will help you create little moments to make sure you get all the shots you want i.e that photo of your family seeing you in your dress for the first time or that family shot with your wee Granny.

        We don’t do posing and aren’t a huge fan of the camera, can you work with us?

        Of course I can.!! I won’t make you do anything you aren’t happy with and I’ll get to know you both before your big day so we’ll all feel comfortable. I capture real authentic moments and feelings so I whilst sometimes in the portraits I might guide you in how to stand or where to be, I won’t ask you to pretend to be anything you’re not. Some couples totally love the deep intimate moments, others prefer to have some craic and be goofy. I love both equally as much!

        Do you do posed family photos?

        Truthfully, that’s your call. If you want them, we can do them. I recommend doing them straight after the ceremony though and keeping combinations to a minimum – with a maximum of 8. Alternatively, we’ll have a big chat about who the special people are on your day and I’ll watch out for those natural moments of you all together.

        Is it just you?

        Mostly it’s just me, but now I love to shoot with a second photographer that I have worked with  before and who has a similar style and personality. This offers a wonderful second perspective. This would typically be my brother Ryan, who is basically me in male form or if he’s not available it will be one of my wonderful photography colleagues from Northern Ireland.

        How many photos do we get?

        I’d say on average it’s 450-750 images.  Every day is different though and the more time we allow and the more going on, the more you’ll receive. I will provide all the usable images to you edited, so you’ll receive those that meet the standard you would expect from me.

        What is copyright?

        Copyright is the law that protects us photographers. It means that whilst you have unlimited personal use of your photos, you don’t have copyright of them so you can’t sell them on as the artist or provide them to businesses for commercial use without permission. But you can print them or share them on Facebook as much as you want.

        Do you do half day coverage/elopements?

        My standard coverage is from bridal preparation to pre-dinner speeches. If you’re planning a unique wedding or elopement please Get in touch for a quote.

        Do you do albums?

        Yes yes yes! But I prefer to discuss these after your wedding when you’ll have a better idea of your budget and what you would like.It’s also nice to have something to look forward to after the big day. Photobooks start from £350 and fine art albums start from £550.

        How long do we have to decide on album?

        You have 6 months to decide on an album, after which I can’t guarantee I’ll have time in my schedule.

        Do we feed you?

        When you’re eating will be the only break I get and I will most likely be working while I eat. If it’s possible to keep me (us) a plate, I would really appreciate it, but if not that’s ok. I’d just appreciate if you can let me know so I can make other arrangements. If you are kind enough to provide me with food, I do prefer to eat it away from the guests so I can work while I eat.

        What happens if you’re sick?

        Firstly, let me say that my head would have to be hanging off for me not to be at your wedding. But if the worst happened, I am part of a fantastic network of wedding photographers who I could call on to stand in for me. I think it’s always worth knowing this.

        Do we need to have a consultation before we book?

        I hope this website has been designed in such a way that it really shows who I am so we don’t necessarily need to meet up and after we have a chat on emails, if you’d like to go ahead and book you can. All my work is online and I’m a regular on Instagram, so you can see what to expect. But if you would like to arrange a video call or meet up for a chat/coffee in Portrush, we can set that up.

        Do you have insurance?

        I do indeed. I have public liability and indemnity insurance.

        How much is your booking fee?

        My booking fee is just £500 and can be paid via BACS or by card via my online booking system.

        We want you to capture our day, how do we sort this?

        Oh my gosh, amazing! I am honestly so delighted and honoured every time someone chooses me to capture their day. Dates are only secured when I have received a booking fee and 2 simple online forms, so all you need to do is drop me a message with as much info as possible about your day and I can send you over the details.  

        Let's make some magic

        If you think we'd be a good match, contact me with as much detail as possible about your day and let's have a chat about your plans. I love unique, adventurous weddings and am always up for travelling so please get in touch for a custom quote if you have something different in mind.