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Hiya! You’re on this page, which means you’re planning a wedding. Congratulations!

Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision. There are a lot of crazy talented people who can take awesome pictures. Jees, iphones can take such great photos these days that there are more ‘photographers’ than ever before. So how do you narrow it down and pick?

For me, the key is finding the right fit. Whoever you book to take your wedding photos, will be a huge part of your day. You’re inviting them to your wedding. You’d be inviting me to your wedding, and although I hope you’ll forget I’m there, the only way you’re going to do that is if you know me well enough to trust me with this super big day in your life. So I would recommend you start with reading a bit about me.

Telling the day just as it happened (but with a helping hand)

I often get told my wedding photography style is dark and moody. But honestly, it’s not meant to be! I keep my edit minimal and timeless, with natural skin tones and warm, earthy colours. I want to look at the photos and see the people you really are. Not unrecognisable Disney versions of you I’ve conjured up in post. 

But when it comes to photos, little details make a big difference. Background clutter, chairs just slightly out of line, wonky veils, skewiff buttonholes…ahh! They drive me mad! And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let one person in sunglasses ruin a shot! So I’m not going to spend hours photoshopping things out or giving you a tropical tan. But I will take 30 seconds here and there to make things look their best in the moment. 

But there’ll be some photos where you won’t even notice skin tones or a wonky veil. Where the smiles on your faces and the love in your eyes is all you’ll ever see. So I’ll never stop too long in one place, or ask you to endlessly pose for me. Because no carefully-crafted set up could ever compare to the beauty of a perfectly imperfect moment that happened all by itself.


grounded in love

You’ve found your person! The one person in the whole world who loves you no matter what. And that’s what your wedding day should be about, right? Not constantly pausing the fun and posing for photos. But focusing on each other, and celebrating your love in a way that’s right for you.

But I do ask just one small favour of you. For twenty minutes or so, let’s leave the party behind for a while and take some time out with just the three of us. You’ll never feel more loved than you do on your wedding day. And that one-in-a-million love deserves to be captured and celebrated in a space where you feel free to be yourselves.

My couple’s portraits are all about capturing your unique love language, whatever that may be. So if you want to kiss and cuddle, go for it. If you want to be silly and make jokes, go wild. If you want to hold hands, get deep and talk about your future, that’s cool too. I won’t ask you to do anything you wouldn’t naturally do. All I ask is that you be in the moment, and let your hearts be filled.

Things you should know…


Victory loves preparation

I treat every wedding like it’s my best friend’s wedding. And as your new best friend, I’ll do everything I can to make sure your day runs as smooth as a buttered otter.

I’ll help you with your timeline, so you don’t spend your day watching the clock or worrying you’re going to overrun. I’ll suggest videographers and local suppliers I’ve worked with before, so you know you can trust who you’ve chosen. I’ll even help you with styling advice and ideas if you’re feeling lost or need some inspiration. 
I’ve been a wedding photographer for 5 years now, and I’ve been to a lot of weddings. So use me! I want to help!


Communication is key

From the moment you book me, my whole process is completely centred around giving you an easy, enjoyable experience. 

I have a closed Facebook group where you can share ideas, tips and advice with other couples. We have several calls in the run up to iron out any issues you might have, and flag up any potential disasters waiting to happen! If you want to book yourself in for an engagement shoot to get to know each other properly and get comfy in front of the camera, I’d love to do that too. I even have an online wedding magazine with all the tips and advice you could ever need. 

Basically I’ll be as involved with your planning as much or as little as you need me to. But as soon as you book me, I’ll always be happy to help.


Photoshop is a dirty word

I believe the beauty of my work comes in its authenticity. So I don’t do photoshop, and I won’t change anyone’s appearance. Your granny or your grandkids (or even future you!) won’t want to look at a photo that doesn’t actually look like you. So please stop using Instagram filters or Facetune before your wedding if you haven’t already! 

And anyway, you’ve found your soulmate, and they love you for who and what you are. You are beautiful just as you are, and that’s the person I want to capture. The person your partner fell in love with.

All the moments

The Best Photos of 2022


Do You Have a Question?

Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision, so I’m sure you have lots of questions. In my opinion there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so please don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything. But here are a few of the most common questions to help you out in the meantime.

I define my style as honest, emotive and relatable. I believe in getting the little moments that make your day unique and I try to blend in as much as possible. I will help you create little moments to make sure you get all the shots you want i.e that photo of your family seeing you in your dress for the first time or that family shot with your wee Granny. My edit is based on the light I’m presented with. A wedding on a bright and sunny day will always be brighter than a wedding on a dark and rainy winter’s day. However I like to make my images bold and colourful, whilst remaining as true to life and timeless as possible.

Travel is included within the 90 minute drive from Portrush.

I take on a very small number of international weddings per year and travel is calculated on a case by case basis to cover flights and accommodation.

My two main packages include coverage from either prep to dinner begins, or prep to the party begins (or 9.30pm, whichever is later). If you’re having fireworks or are wanting me to stay later, there is an additional charge.

Of course I can.!! I won’t make you do anything you aren’t happy with and I’ll get to know you both before your big day so we’ll all feel comfortable. I capture real authentic moments and feelings so whilst sometimes in the portraits I might guide you in how to stand or where to be, I won’t ask you to pretend to be anything you’re not. Some couples totally love the deep intimate moments, others prefer to have some craic and be goofy. I love both equally as much!

No. As I mentioned above, my style is honest. That means I capture you and think you are perfect as you are. I will remove minor spots or blemishes as standard, but I will not change how you look or ‘photoshop’ you. If that is something you’re looking for, I’m probably not the best fit for you. What I would say is that I will capture you in a way that you will have never seen before. I will use light to flatter you and I will never deliver an image I wouldn’t want myself. I really recommend spending some time preparing for your wedding by investing in yourself so that you can embrace your day. If you feel your best, you will love your photos.

Yes! I really see the value in them, but how many we do is up to you. I recommend doing them straight after the ceremony though and keeping combinations to a minimum – with a maximum of 8. Alternatively, we’ll have a big chat about who the special people are on your day and I’ll watch out for those natural moments of you all together.

Mostly it’s just me. I work brilliantly alone and cover all the key moments on your day. You won’t lose out on anything. I do offer the option for a second photographer if you’d like to guarantee someone to go to a second location on the morning of the wedding. This also offers a wonderful second perspective. This would typically be one of my fellow photography colleagues from Northern Ireland. This is something that can be added on closer to the time.

As standard I go to one house. If you are getting ready in the same place or are extremely close to one another, I can nip to the other partner first. However, I don’t recommend this as it normally means one person is getting ready very early. Typically I get photos of the second person/groom at the ceremony location. I’ll leave the bride/first person around 30 mins before they are due to leave so I can get those lovely shots. We work together to make sure you never miss out on anything.

I’d say on average it’s 300-500 images. Every day is different though and the more time we allow and the more going on, the more you’ll receive. I will provide all the usable images to you edited, so you’ll receive those that meet the standard you would expect from me.

Copyright is the law that protects us photographers. It means that whilst you have unlimited personal use of your photos, you don’t have copyright of them so you can’t sell them on as the artist or provide them to businesses for commercial use without permission. But you can print them or share them on Facebook as much as you want.

If your vendors would like to use your photos, I ask that they contact me for a suitable license. I won’t typically charge them for this as long as suitable credit (ie a tag) is provided.

My standard coverage is from preparation (around 2 hours before ceremony) to dinner begins. But I am obsessed and love elopements.

These are a separate package and are different to micro weddings.

If you’re planning an elopement please Get in touch for my elopement pricing guide.

Yes yes yes! But I prefer to discuss these after your wedding when you’ll have a better idea of your budget and what you would like. It’s also nice to have something to look forward to after the big day. My beautiful albums start from £600.

You have 6 months to decide on an album, after which I can’t guarantee I’ll have time in my schedule to design your album.

When you’re eating will be the only break I get and I will most likely be working while I eat. If it’s possible to keep me (us) a plate, I would really appreciate it, but if not that’s ok. I’d just appreciate if you can let me know so I can make other arrangements. If you are kind enough to provide me with food, I do prefer to eat it away from the guests so I can work while I eat. I would also appreciate if you can discuss with your venue to make sure that I get fed at the same time as your guests, not afterwards – as when you’re finished eating I need to be back to work.

Obviously with everything that has happened with covid-19 this is a hugely important question. Where previously us photographers would have worked through any illness that came our way, that is no longer an option. I have a lot of protocols in place to prevent me from catching anything, including masks and an obsession with hand sanitiser. But if the worst happened, I am part of a fantastic network of wedding photographers who I could call on to stand in for me. I think it’s always worth knowing this.

I hope this website has been designed in such a way that it really shows who I am so we don’t necessarily need to meet up and after we have a chat on emails, if you’d like to go ahead and book you can. All my work is online and I’m a regular on Instagram, so you can see what to expect. But if you would like to arrange a video call, we can set that up.

I do indeed. I have public liability and indemnity insurance.

My booking fee is £500 and can be paid via BACS or by card via my online booking system. This covers administration time, and the work I do in the run up to your wedding, along with loss of work for your date, so is non refundable under any circumstances.

My postponement clause has always been that I will transfer your booking to a date I’m available, however I reserve the right to charge current prices if there has been an increase in price since you booked. If weddings are completely banned or we are in lockdown then there will be no charge.

Oh my gosh, amazing! I am honestly so delighted and honoured every time someone chooses me to capture their day. Dates are only secured when I have received a booking fee and 2 simple online forms, so all you need to do is drop me a message with as much info as possible about your day and I can send you over the details.